Appassimento 100x100 Master Blend
Appassimento 100x100 Master Blend

With the same spirit of Niccolò De’ Conti, famous Venetian explorator, we went beyond our territory to discover a unique Apulian red wine, made 100% with a natural grapes drying process, called Appassimento.

Appassimento 15°
Dried grapes, cold fermentation with multiple over-pumping to concentrate flavours of ripe fruits and sweet tannins.


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Extraordinary wines: Gran Passaia Governo Toscano

Rosso Passito Puglia IGT

Denomination: Puglia IGT
Region: Rosso Passito Puglia IGT
Grapes: Red varieties from Puglia - 100% "Appassimento"
Alcohol: 15% by vol.
Serving temperature: 16-18°C
Colour: Ruby red with garnet reflections
Bouquet: Intense with floral notes of violet, fruity notes of currant and plum and spicy hints with sweet tannins
Taste: Full and round with silky and sweet tannins, fruity flavours of plum and spicy notes of vanilla and tobacco
Serving suggestions: Great complement to red meat and matured cheeses

Gran Maestro Appassimento rosso puglia

It's composed by Sangiovese and Negroamaro.