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Iconic red wine, unique in its complexity & harmony. Made predominantly with Italian indigenous grapes with a 3-step (3passo) winemaking approach:
1 Partial grapes overripeness
2 Multiple overpumping in cold tanks
3 Partial wood refining

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Extraordinary wines: 3Passo Negroamaro - Sangiovese Organic


Grapes: mainly Negroamaro & Sangiovese organic
Denomination: vino rosso Italia organic
Alcohol: 14 % by vol.
Serving temperature: 16°c
Colour: deep red wth garnet notes
Bouquet: intense and mature fruit, with oak hints
Taste: rich and mature fruit, with soft oak hints
Serving suggestions: flavorful first meals or red meat

Extraordinary Wines 3Passo

Iconic red wine, made with Italian indigenous grapes with a 3-step winemaking approach.

Negroamaro & Sangiovese organic